ALTAMIRA N400 Classical Guitar with Case

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: ALTAMIRA
  • Tip: N400

  • 1.600,01 KM

  • Bez PDV-a: 1.311,48 KM

Raspoloživost: EU SKLADIŠTE: 14-28 DANA

Boja: Natural
Prednja ploča: Kedar - Puno drvo
Zadnja ploča: Mahagoni - puno drvo
Finiš tela: Sjajni
Vrat: Kedar
Fretboard: Ebanovina
Specifikacije: Carbon fibre rod reinforcement in neck to increase stabilit
Pribor: Standard Case

N400 guitar is ideal for intermediate Classical guitar students. This guitar has a solid top and all solid African mahogany back and sides, with a deep bold tone suitable for modern repertoire. The top of the guitar is the vital component for generating sound, vibrating as each string is plucked. With solid top guitars, the more this soundboard vibrates, the more this single piece of wood adapts and ‘opens up’ which improves the quality of sound as the guitar ages.

Item No.: N400

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