MIDI oprema

Kontrole: Transport and Directional Controls: Mackie Control, Mackie/HUI, or MIDISpecifikacije: Power: via USB or DC 9 V, 500 mA center-positive power..

313,69 KM

AKAI MPK-249 MIDI klavijatura

Kontrole: MPC Full Level, 16 Levels, Tap Tempo, and Time Division assist with dynamics and tempoSpecifikacije: 49 semi-weighted, full-size keys with a..

861,05 KM

Kontrole: Directional Pad (Up, Down, Left, Right and Enter)Specifikacije: 49 Key USB MIDI ControllerSpecifications II: Volume fader for deeper control..

202,11 KM

Kontrole: Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controlsSpecifikacije: 61 full-size, velocity-sensitive keysSpecifications II: Preset and DAW ..

397,89 KM


368,42 KM

Kontrole: 4 Freely assignable controls - 3 buttons and 1 rotary controlSpecifikacije: 32 Flat velocity mini keysSpecifications II: Selectable velocity..

103,16 KM

Specifikacije: Ableton Live controller with built-in performance keyboardSpecifications II: Clip-launch matrix with tri-color lighting displays curren..

214,74 KM

Kontrole: Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controlsSpecifikacije: Best-in-class, velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch a..

410,53 KM


Specifikacije: 16 Thick Fat backlit MPC padsSpecifications II: 48 assignable pads accessible via 3 banksSpecifications III: 18 assignable 360-dgree po..

200,01 KM

Everything the modern producer demands is here: Universal compatibility for instant integration with your favorite host music production application; ..

195,79 KM

AKAI LPK25 MKII Laptop Performance MIDI klavijatura

Specifikacije: 25 keys, velocity-sensitiveSpecifications II: 10-octave range (127 MIDI notes)Specifications III: Up, Down, Exclusive, Inclusive, Order..

115,80 KM

Kontrole: (8) assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and pluginsSpecifikacije: 25 full-size, velocity-sensitive keysSpecifications II: ..

208,42 KM

Boja: SivaSpecifikacije: (25) velocity-sensitive keys; 10-octave range with octave up/down buttonsSpecifications II: (8) assignable backlit pads, velo..

193,69 KM

Specifikacije: (8) velocity-sensitive, RGB-lit padsSpecifications II: (8) 270° knobsSpecifications III: (4) UI buttonsKarakteristike: 4 stored program..

130,52 KM

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