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Guitars and related strings instruments are instruments on which strings are placed, which can be metal or nylon, but can also be made from natural animal intestines. Guitars usually have 6 strings installed. The sound is elicited by twitching with fingers, thimbles or a pick. The oscillation of the played strings is transmitted to the resonant fuselage, where it is acoustically amplified or converted through magnetic, microphone or piezo pantographs into an electrical signal, which is amplified in the amplifier and reproduced through speakers in the form of normal but much louder sound.

The basic groups of guitars are:

Acoustic guitars are further divided into acoustic guitars and electrified acoustic guitars. The latter have a built-in sound amplification system and usually also a preamplifier, where there is a control of the volume and color of the tone, and lately they also mostly have a built-in electronic tuner. Acoustic guitars are used in all genres of contemporary music, mostly in the role of accompaniment, and often also in the role of solo instruments.

When choosing the first guitar for beginners, it is worth mentioning that acoustic guitars have a relatively narrow and comfortable neck for playing with low-set strings, which facilitates practice in the first phase of learning. Otherwise, the metal strings are quite sharp and at the beginning the fingers suffer a lot due to the unhardened pads, and the training time should be adjusted accordingly and not exaggerated. However, when the pads of the fingers harden, these problems automatically disappear.

Electric guitars are divided into solid-body guitars with at least one or more magnetic pickups, electroacoustic (also hollowbody, jazz or oberkrain) guitars, which have a large hollow body similar to acoustic guitars, and have installed at least one or more magnetic pickups and semi-acoustic with a thinner hollow body, which may be completely hollow or have a solid block in the middle, and the upper and lower parts are hollow. Electric guitars experienced their greatest boom with the beginnings of rock'n'roll in the late 1950s and have been considered a virtually indispensable instrument in all genres of popular music ever since.

If you are a fan of any of the rocker styles as a beginner, an electric guitar will be the right place to start. There are even smaller 3/4 size electric guitars available for the youngest starters.

Classical guitars are mostly used in classical music, but they are also very widespread in popular music, especially in Latin American. They are divided into conventional non-electrified and electrified. Electrified classical guitars may also have some special features that are not otherwise used in conventional classical guitars, such as a cut-out on the lower part of the body for easier playing in the higher register, a thinner body than usual, a full body (solid-body) or even without body (silent classical guitars). A special branch of classical guitars are flamenco guitars, which derive from the design of modern classical guitars, but there are certain differences in the materials used, construction and sound. They are used to perform traditional Spanish flamenco music. Apart from 4/4, classical guitars are always available in smaller sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8) so that even the youngest are never deprived of a suitable guitar.

Classical guitars are much more friendly to beginners with nylon strings than unhardened fingers than acoustic guitars with metal ones, and there are fewer "peeled" pads at the beginning. However, even on a classical guitar, the fingers harden over time. With a classical guitar, it is necessary to know that they have a much wider neck with a flat radius, which is more demanding for beginners and makes it a little harder to hold chords. However, if you get through the initial problems, your hand will adjust to the frettboard and playing will no longer cause any problems.

A special group are bass guitars, which have only four strings (exceptionally even more), tuned an octave lower than conventional guitars. They are divided into acoustic bass guitars and electric bass guitars. As a rule, acoustic bass guitars are also electrified, because due to the limited size of the body, the sound of an unamplified acoustic bass guitar is too weak to match the volume of louder acoustic instruments such as piano, accordion or wind and brass. The scale (length of the strings) is much longer with a bass guitar than with a regular guitar, because with a shorter scale and such a low tuning, the tension in the strings would be simply too low and there would be a deviation in volume and tuning of some played tones. An interesting feature of bass guitars is the design of the fingerboard: conventional bass guitars have bars placed on the fingerboard, but there is also a version without bars, ie t. i. "Fretless" bass guitar. They provide a similar playing technique as the double bass, although many bassists later created a completely unique sound on them.

Electric bass guitars are divided into solid-body bass guitars and hollowbody bass guitars, which are mostly the most similar to semi-hollowbody guitars. Both have at least one or more magnetic piskups mounted on the body. With the invention of the electric bass guitar, this instrument practically overnight replaced the previous role of the double bass in most genres of contemporary popular music.

Under other string instruments we can also mention traditional ones, such as e.g. banjo, mandolin and tamburitza.

In our offer you will find a complete range of guitars from those that are most suitable for beginners, to professional instruments of the world's most famous brands. This category also includes all guitar equipment and accessories such as e.g. amplifiers, strings, effects, bags and cases and other accessories: stands, straps, tuners, cleaners, picks, finger/thumb picks, capodasters, pickups and spare parts.

FLIGHT EST11 V2 SB električna gitara sunburst boje idealan je izbor za početnike i sve one koji ulaze u svijet električnih gitara. Klasični "stratocas..

244,41 KM

D'Addario EJ27N Classic Nylon žice za klasičnu gitaru odlične su za početnike, učenike, ali i profesionalne gitariste. Ovaj set normalne tenzije sadrž..

19,79 KM

ALMIRES C-35S je klasična gitara prikladna za početnike koji počinju sa satovima klasične gitare. Almires C-35S je gitara jednostavne estetike, dinami..

450,01 KM

EJ45 je najprodavaniji D'Addario set žica za klasičnu gitaru, oduševljava svojim bogatim uravnoteženim zvukom, ugodnim osjećajem sviranja i dinamičkom..

27,21 KM

FLIGHT C-100 je idealna klasična gitara za početnike po vrlo pristupačnoj cijeni, koja će svakome pružiti odličan uvod u raznolik svijet glazbe. Odlič..

178,00 KM

FURCH YELLOW MASTER'S CHOICE je visokokvalitetna "all-solid" elektroakustična gitara, Grand Auditorium oblika s cutaway izurezom. Prednja ploča izrađe..

5.138,01 KM

FLIGHT C-120 4/4 BK je popularan model klasične gitare, ovaj put u crnoj boji, zamjena za Flight C-100, koji je prepoznat kao najbolji model u svom cj..

214,74 KM

FLIGHT EST11 V2 WR električna gitara crvene boje idealan je izbor za početnike i sve one koji ulaze u svijet električnih gitara. Klasični "stratocaste..

225,48 KM

FLIGHT ELP10BK je električna gitara legendarnog Les Paul dizajna, snažnog zvuka, punog tijela, sa 2 humbuckera koji će Vam pružiti onaj pravi "tvrdi i..

350,53 KM

Klasična gitara VESTON C-45A izvrstan je izbor za ulazak u glazbeni svijet sviranja gitare! Prikladna je ako odlučite kupiti gitaru za dijete ili kao ..

153,48 KM

FLIGHT EST11 V2 BK električna gitara crne boje idealan je izbor za početnike i sve one koji ulaze u svijet električnih gitara. Klasični "stratocaster"..

225,48 KM

Model Furch Green Master’s Choice je visokokvalitetna gitara od punog drveta dreadnought oblika s izrezom. Gitaru odlikuju pažljivo odabrano drvo - Pr..

4.398,00 KM

FLIGHT D-130 NA je savršena akustična gitara za početnike ili kao drugi instrument za one koji već znaju svirati. FLIGHT D-130 NA je gitara uskog vra..

208,42 KM

FURCH VIOLET D-SM je akustična gitara Violet serije, koja predstavlja suštinu Furchove zvučne filozofije. Prednja ploče izrađena je od smreke, a zadnj..

2.088,01 KM

Izvrsno dizajnirana FLIGHT AB-10 akustična bas gitara, prikladna je za sve glazbene stilove i vrste izvedbi. Prednja ploča izrađena je od smreke, sa s..

378,00 KM

FURCH VIOLET GC-SM SPE je elektroakustična gitara Violet serije, koja predstavlja suštinu Furchove zvučne filozofije. Prednja ploča izrađena je od smr..

2.398,01 KM

ALHAMBRA 1C HT jedna je od najpovoljnijih i najzastupljenijih španjolskih klasičnih gitara. Prednja ploča izrađena je od punog cedra, a zadnja ploča i..

702,01 KM

GITARA IMA MRLJE NA PREDNJOJ STRANICI!  FLIGHT D-175 BLK akustična gitara crne boje, namijenjena je početnicima kao i gitaristima naprednijeg znanja...

198,01 KM


Gitara 3/4 , manja veličina !Boja: NaturalFiniš: SjajniSkala: 3/4Materijal: SapeleItem No.: 0101..

169,09 KM

JET gitare proizvode se u tvornicama širom svijeta. Većina ih se proizvodi u tvornici koja se nalazi u Indoneziji, koristeći najnovije tehnologije i i..

327,79 KM

Najprodavaniji model za polaznike osnovne glazbene škole! ALMIRES C-25S je klasična gitara s punom prednjom pločom od cedra koja instrumentu daje kon..

330,01 KM

FLIGHT F-230C WR je akustična gitara koja u svom cjenovnom razredu pruža najbolji zvuk i svirljivost, a oblik i tijelo gitare čini je prikladnom za dj..

227,36 KM

D'Addario EJ46 Hard Tension set žica za klasičnu gitaru, popularan je izbor zbog svog bogatog tona, povećane otpornosti i snažne projekcije.   Pro-A..

27,79 KM

D'Addario EZ900 set žica za akustičnu gitaru pruža svijetli, dugotrajni ton, idealan za sve glazbene stilove. 85/15 bronca kombinira sjaj bronce 80/2..

15,01 KM

FLIGHT D-130 BK je savršena akustična gitara za početnike ili kao drugi instrument za one koji već znaju svirati. FLIGHT D-130 BK je gitara uskog vra..

208,42 KM

JET JJE-250 OP je elektroakustična verzija popularnog JJ-250 modela jumbo akustične gitare. JET gitare se proizvode u tvornicama diljem svijeta, kori..

322,10 KM

FURCH VIOLET GC-SM je akustična gitara Violet serije, koja predstavlja suštinu Furchove zvučne filozofije. Prednja ploče izrađena je od smreke, a zadn..

2.198,00 KM

CRAFTER STG J-18ce: veliko tijelo gitare za veliki zvuk! CRAFTER STG J-18ce jumbo akustične gitare sa 6 i 12 žica donose sve što želite u "jumbo kućiš..

1.499,99 KM

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