TERRIS TK-500 BK Mini Keyboard

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: VESTON
  • Tip: TK500BK

  • 150,01 KM

  • Bez PDV-a: 122,96 KM

Raspoloživost: EU SKLADIŠTE: 14-28 DANA

Specifikacije: Number of keys: 61
Specifications II: Number of Auto Accompaniment Styles: 200
Specifications III: Number of tones: 200
Karakteristike: Recording function

Synthesizer with active full-size keyboard TERRIS TK-500 BK

Terris musical instruments and accessories are designed for beginning musicians. Affordable price and excellent quality make it easy to start mastering the tool. Once you have enough experience, you can choose a tool that best suits your needs. In addition, Terris musical instruments and accessories are loved by professionals as a convenient option for a hike or a party, so as not to endanger their main instrument. The more durable body makes Terris tools resistant to damage. And even if there is any damage, the main instrument used for concerts will remain safe and sound. Due to these advantages, Terris instruments and accessories receive good reviews from both beginning musicians and professionals. 

Item No.: TK500BK

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