MAPEX VE5294FTCVC VENUS Rock Akustični bubnjevi set

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  • Prodavac: MAPEX
  • Tip: VE5294FTCVC

  • 1.663,15 KM

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Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Color: Steel Blue Metallic
Muzički stil: Rock
Bas bubanj: 22x16
Tom 2: 10x7
Tom 3: 12x8
Floor Tom(s): 16x14
Snare bubanj: 14x5
Debljina oboda: 9-Ply, 7.2mm Poplar
Hi-Hat Stand: H410
Bass Pedal: t400
Specifikacije: SONIClear™ BEARING EDGE Allows the head to sit flush prompting ease of tuning, increased shell reson
Specifications II: MINI B-LUGS Inspired by the style of B lugs from Saturn Evolution Series, the new Mini B-Lug makes t
Specifications III: DOUBLE TOM HOLDER Offers easy positioning, multi-angle adjustment, and user-friendly experience to g
Karakteristike: MAPEX HAMMERED BRASS CYMBALS The 14" hammered brass hi-hat pair and the 18" hammered brass c
Features II: P410 SINGLE BASS DRUM PEDAL Features solid base plate construction for both durability and a secure
Features III: H410 HI-HAT STAND The direct-pull-chain-drive mechanism creates a smooth and responsive feel while t

The Venus Series presents an all-inclusive setup for the first-time player ready to start the "Drummer for Life" adventure. The 100% poplar shells appointed with Mapex SONIClear™ bearing edges produce rich tones from the toms, a robust crack from the snare drum and a punchy low thump from the bass drum.

Item No.: VE5294FTCVC

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