FLIGHT GUITARS C-100 NA 1/4 Klasična gitara

  • Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: FLIGHT
  • Tip: 0104

  • 164,21 KM

  • Bez PDV-a: 134,60 KM

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Boja: Natural
Prednja ploča: Smreka
Zadnja ploča: Mahagoni
Vrat: Javor
Fretboard: Kabukalli Wood
Hardware: Hromirani
Most: Kabukalli wood

Flight C-100, this time in 1/4 size and suitable for the youngest guitarists aged 4-6 years, a new improved version of the classic guitar in natural color, which brings even better playability and sound of this famous instrument! Suitable for beginners as well as those with more musical experience. Older and larger guitarists will be able to use it as a travel guitar.

Item No.: 0104

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