• Raspoloživost: Na lageru
  • Prodavac: JUPITER
  • Tip: JFL700WRE

  • 1.640,00 KM

  • Bez PDV-a: 1.344,26 KM

Raspoloživost: Na lageru

Telo: Posrebreno
E-Mechanism: Da
Foot Joint: C Foot
Specifikacije: Tuning: C
Specifications II: Head joint shape: Waveline
Specifications III: Offset G: yes
Karakteristike: Metal plugs for Ring Caps
Features II: Lip plate: Oval
Features III: Mechanics: Y-Mechanic
Pribor: Case with Pocket, Transverse Flute, Maintenance Tools

Jupiter JFL700WRE · Transverse Flute
A relaxed playing position, a straight back and relaxed breathing are the base for a lively sound shaping as well as the joy of making music.

Musical instruments, which are oriented on the body structure of the musician, are an important prerequisite for this. A transverse flute of traditional construction can lead to problems, depending on age and body size, which restrict the enjoyment of playing music.

The need for a child-friendly flute led to the development of a flute with a bent head piece in the 1980s with Jupiter. This so-called "U-head flute" made it possible for younger children to have a proper access to flute playing.

Item No.: JFL700WRE

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