SHURE SUPER 55 DELUXE Dinamički mikrofon

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  • Prodavac: SHURE
  • Tip: 57232

  • 522,11 KM

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Raspoloživost: EU SKLADIŠTE: 14-28 DANA

Tip mikrofona: Dinamički
Primena: Vocal
Oblik: Ručni
Polar patern: Super kardoidna
Interface: XLR
Raspon frekvencije: Tailored, 60Hz - 17kHz
lmpedance: 150Ω
Specifikacije: Sensitivity: -53.00 dBV/Pa -2.20 mV/Pa
Specifications II: Classic microphone with improved sound and performance
Specifications III: Minimises feedback and ambient noise with a supercardioid polar pattern
Karakteristike: Iconic chrome-plated design with new vibrant blue colour
Features II: Perfect for all vocal types with a tailored frequency response
Features III: High gain-before-feedback & excellent off-axis rejection
Pribor: 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter, Zippered Storage Bag
Širina: 55.6 mm
Visina: 188 mm
Dubina: 88.9 mm
Težina: 656 g

The Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone is a dynamic vocal microphone with a distinct retro look and a smooth, warm sound that will add to any vocal performance.

Now the timeless 'Elvis mic' sounds better than ever thanks to Shure's superior components. A new capsule offers improved articulation and clarity whilst preserving the vintage warmth that made the original mic so popular.

Blending old and new. The Super 55 Deluxe takes the iconic chrome-plated enclosure and revitalises it with a striking blue textured underlay. It looks as sophisticated as it sounds.

Item No.: 57232

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